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We are the AI Strike Team. We focus on solving real-world challenges and building competitive business advantages for our clients.

What we can do for you

AI Solutions

What we can do for you

Custom AI powered automation & tools

Custom AI powered automation & tools

Business process optimization

Business process optimization

Smart search & knowledge management

Smart search & knowledge management

AI-powered Agents with<br />NO&nbsp;HALLUCINATIONS

AI-powered Agents with

Custom AI infrastructure and models

Custom AI infrastructure and models

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average automation rate from our solutions


years of experience in AI product development

1000% +

average ROI
in the first year

AI transformation done right

Clear ROI

Clear ROI

Focused on bringing value to the business and the users.

Measurable outcomes

Measurable outcomes

Finding a way to measure the outcome and define the success metrics

End-to-end delivery

End-to-end delivery

Full set of competency to deliver projects from idea stage to working solution in the production.

Quick validation

Quick validation

Start with a proof of concept and verify assumptions early on, only then build MVP - minimizing the initial investment

Full ownership

Full ownership

We take full responsibility for the quality, timeline and delivered solution.

Individual approach

Individual approach

We incorporate the newest advancements in AI research and emerging technologies, crafting customized, future-proof solutions.

How we work?


2 hours

High-level assessment of challenges, expectations and potential for AI implementation

Analysis & Design

2-4 weeks

Detailed validation and research of the solution, preparing a plan for desired outcomes

Proof of Concept

2-6 weeks

Validation of assumptions and expected goals by experimental, simple and rapid solution


1-3 months

Launching first working solution to the production with core functionalities and focus of most important parts

Evaluation & Iteration

Maintenance, optimization and further development

Cutting edge AI tech stack




Address crucial AI challenges

We help tackle the most challenging aspects of making state-of-the-art LLMs useful in real-world scenarios


Some industries cannot allow client data to be sent over to 3rd party providers. Utilizing open-source models, on-premise deployment and retraining is a viable alternative if done right.

In-domain use

Quality of responses might deteriorate when models are used within specialized domains or tasks. We adapt these models through prompt and model engineering.


Client-facing systems are prone to being misused. We're making sure malicious prompts are detected and counteracted.


Fighting LLMs hallucinations to ensure reliability of the AI-powered systems

Customer Success Stories

“Our collaboration with has been instrumental in reshaping MyLead's customer service landscape. With a 65% AI-powered automation rate, efficiently managing 16,200 monthly requests, we've witnessed a significant transformation and an impressive ROI within the first year.”

Paweł Wojcieszak, Head of Affiliate, MyLead
Case study MyLead logo & Softwise Logo
Jan 22, 2024

How MyLead achieved 65% AI-powered Automation for Customer Service with Softwise.AI

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We specialize in crafting custom-made chatbot solutions, leveraging the latest advancements in AI. Our commitment is to deliver top-tier automation uniquely optimized for specific use cases, particularly catering to the dynamic needs of modern customer service teams. We understand the critical importance of reliability and security in AI-driven interactions. Therefore, our focus extends beyond mere functionality, we rigorously work to mitigate risks associated with AI 'hallucinations' and 'jailbreaks,' ensuring our AI chatbots adhere to the most stringent security protocols. This dedication makes our solutions ideal for even the most demanding and security-conscious organizations.

E-mail Automation

Our solutions are crafted to cater to the unique needs of your business, ensuring that every automated email is not just a message, but a personalized experience for your recipients. We recognize the diverse challenges faced by businesses today, from managing voluminous email interactions to maintaining consistency and relevance in communication. To address these challenges, our AI-driven email automation services are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and personalization. We employ sophisticated algorithms that learn and adapt to your specific communication style and audience preferences, enabling you to deliver targeted, relevant content effortlessly.

Our mission

Our philosophy is grounded in crafting solutions that align with our clients' core needs, often surpassing their initial expectations. This approach involves a rigorous process of understanding the underlying issues, questioning established norms, and emphasizing swift, value-driven outcomes. Our mission centers on harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), cutting-edge automation, and process optimization to forge a rapid and sustainable competitive edge for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive project management, assuming full ownership and accountability for the entire solution life-cycle.

Consider us your elite task force, expertly equipped to elevate your AI capabilities and streamline your business processes.

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